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Emily is a child actress, Kid Reporter, and model with experience in front of the camera, on radio, and in films. The purpose of this site is to provide information for booking Emily for modeling or television assignments.
Aside from acting and reporting, Emily loves to go to Orlando theme parks. In her free time she enjoys dancing, swimming, collecting Disney pins, and listening to music. Emily's future plans include traveling and hopefully working in Hollywood, Los Angeles, New York, Paris and London.

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Emily played Ryann Watters' little sister in the movie "Ryann Watters & The King's Sword"

YEAR: Summer and Fall 2010
DIRECTOR: Mike Germaine
STATUS: Post-production

Emily was cast as Ryann's sister Alison in the motion picture pilot.  Emily was also the official Behind-the-Scenes Reporter for the film. 

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Be sure to watch Emily Humphrey on Orlando's TV 45 "The Good Life Show" :
Golden Gates TV Show
Emily has the leading role in the upcoming tween TV series "Golden Gates".

YEAR: 2011
PRODUCER:  Concrete Lion Pictures
STATUS: Production

Emily plays the main character "Emily Acres" in this hip new value-based television show.

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